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Lotus, with the 7 series wheel specs that you have listed, will these wheels only fit a 7 series? Just asking to help with resale. Thanks again!
If your 18 inch wheels actually have a 15 to 20 mm offset, they will actually fit quite a few late model BMW's.

They will fit on all 5-Series except the M5 and E39 chassis (74.1 mm hubs).

They will fit all 6-Series except the M6 (possible brake clearance problems)

They will fit all Late model 7-Series including the E32/38, E63/64

They WON'T fit the 3-Series (except for the rears only of certain M3's)

They WON'T fit any current or older model X-3, X-5, X-6

They WON'T fit any of the Z-Series cars (which use some very strange wheel specs.)

Obviously, there may be special case exceptions as some models have body features or big brakes that require special wheels.

Hope this is of some help.