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Originally Posted by XB101 View Post
Lotus, pretty sure the Canadian X3 do not have the same TPMS. Ours is the cheaper version in the brake unit.
To the best of my knowledge, all X3 (F25)s use the 433 mHz TPMS system. The readout is different in that some models will only show that there is a low tire, and some models will identify which tire is low, but all use the same hardware at the wheels. The differences are only in the software. No X3 since mid-year 2006 has used the older wheel-speed sensing system.

Just take a look at your valve stems. Alloy valve stems = TPMS transmitters, Rubber valve stems= no TPMS transmitters. You will find that all NA X3's use the same part number for the pickup antennas and the TPMS transmitter.

Does anyone have a new X3 with rubber valve stems?

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