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Some other interesting data points:

BMW has already announced the 528i will get a 4 (update: and 528xi, both available in US), yet it has not yet shown up as certified by CARB. So there's at least one model that's getting the N20 this fall (production starting September or October, I forget) that hasn't made it through California's "federalization" process. That would be encouraging if it weren't for the next paragraph below. Maybe they've just hit some snags in cert and it'll come down to the wire.

The 2012 X3 xDrive 28i has already been certified by CARB with a 3-liter engine. It's certainly possible that they could re-certify with the N20 as well and just not release the 3-liter version, but that just seems unlikely.

2012 X3 production ends in March. It's too early for any kind of facelift, so the only thing that I can think of that makes sense for starting 2013 production in April is a new engine.

X1 intro in the US has been put off until 2013. Could this be because they want to make sure the X3 has the N20 in place before the X1 comes in with the fancy new efficient engine?

Bottom line is despite what 128guy was told I'm pretty sure there's not going to be an engine change this fall. I'd love to be wrong about this, but with the 2012 production run ending in March, tea leaves are pointing to a new engine when the early 2013 production spins up in April. That gives the X3+N20 combo time to gain some momentum before the X1 belatedly shows up in the US.

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