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Originally Posted by 128Guy View Post
Obviously BMW now knows what the 2012 28i engine will be, since they will be producing them in a couple of weeks. It seems to me the longer they delay in making the "official" announcement, the more certain it is that it will be a 4-cylinder. If the 2012 28i were to remain as a 6-cylinder, there would be no reason to keep that a secret. I think they want to let the dealers first sell off all of the in-stock 2011's, and finish delivering the remaining 2011 special orders that are still in the pipeline. (Of course that reasoning for the delay is just speculation on my part. However, it is a fact that I have been told by BMW Customer Service and by two dealers that it will be a 4-cylinder.)
except that by that logic, they would not have announced the Z4 28i engine yet. Dealerships are already taking orders for 2012 X3s and they have to tell the customer what engine they are getting, I would guess the i6 is remaining for this year, until they sell out of inventory and we might even see a mid model year switch to the new engine since their production shows it stops in march 2012.