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Originally Posted by 128Guy View Post
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A good educated guess would be 22/29

rumors from BMW have been 15-20% better than last 28i engine, so 22/29 is more towards the 15% increase, 23/30 would be even better if its closer to a 20% increase.

but your options will now be (only options in the US right now):

22/29 (or 23/30) MPG
0-60 ~6.3 seconds

19/26 MPG
0-60 5.5 seconds

makes it a lot tougher of a decision, loaded the same way I think the 28i will save you $3200 or so. for 2011 you just had to look at price to power because MPG was the same, now you have to look at MPG savings as well, if you drive 12,000 miles per year and get 25 mpg with the 28i vs 22 mpg with the 35i, thats $275 extra per year in gas at current US prices, $1100 over 4 years, so now the cost difference is $4300 between the two engines and their 0-60 times is closer than before.

When I ordered a 2012 X3 28i for my wife the day before yesterday, I was told it would still be the 240 hp six cylinder.

I have since confirmed (via a different dealer and via BMW Customer Service) that the 2012 X3 28i will come with a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine developing 268 horsepower. Yes, I said the 2012 model not 2013!

With that much power in the 28i, maybe they'll have to up the hp a bit on the 35i? Just a guess - I didn't ask about the 35i.
Is that for US market or Canadian?

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