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Question Just picked up an X3, and it's soaked with water.

Just purchased a 2005 X3 and the passenger side footwell is soaked. I didn't notice it until I removed the dealer's paper floormats.
I've discovered this can be a problem with the X3, often attributed to either:

1) Sunroof and A frame drain pipes
2) Water drains near windshield clogged
3) Vapor barrier not properly sealed

Since many of the posts regarding leaking sunroofs and poor sunroof drainage had complained of water in the rear seats, roof, and A frame, I'm thinking that my issue could be the vapor barrier.... but then again, I've only had it for 12 hours.

Currently, the floormat in the passenger seat is soaked (took it out to dry) and the footwell has visible water in it if you brush a hand or finger against the carpet. All other 3 footwells are completely dry.

Tips, advice, troubleshooting steps? I'm hoping this is an easy vapor barrier reseal DIY...