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Originally Posted by Rinse View Post
From my local BMW Dealer:

"Hi Kevin,

All 2011 Model X3's are now sold out and 2012 orders are starting to go through. If you would like, the 2012 pre-order wait list is up and running and we are ordering them based on 2011 pricing. Remember, this will be with the new N20 engine which is theoretically 15% more fuel efficient with the same amount of power.

Thanks and have a great day!"
So it sounds like Canada is getting the N20 engine in the X3, but the statement that it has the same amount of power is puzzling. The N20 announcement only had the 184hp variant which wouldn't match the current 28i 3.0L inline 6 output. Not sure the CA has the facts straight or maybe he/she is just in "sell" mode.