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Originally Posted by Mako View Post
hmmm, well the stock market dropping 10% in the last two weeks has certainly changed my mind about some things! Things are looking pretty glim for the US (and globaly) I have a feeling X3 sales are going to drop off especially seen as they basically increased the base price in the US by $1350 by forcing options a lot of us wouldn't get (conv package now included in premium package which you have to get if you want SA or M package...) do the math on a 35i and most of you will be paying more for a 2012 than a 2011 because of the package changes. 28i hasn't changed but no new engine, might have to hang on to the old SUV till a 35d, new N20 engine, or Audi Q5 Hybrid comes out
With the US peso basically worthless BMW is better off selling them abroad anyway. X3 starts at $80K in China for example.

Any word on Canadian 2012 Pricing? I put an order in 2 weeks ago, still don't have a production number. I am fine with an '11 as I will keep the car for the long term, but with the Can $ well above par was wondering if there might be a price cut?